Maximizing the benefits

Of your home equity thru strategic planning

Do what's right for you

Your home equity is yours! You get decide what’s right for you.

Many people assume, incorrectly, that when you sell your home you should take the equity in the home being sold and use it as a down payment on the home being purchased. While sometimes that is the best thing to do with your equity, more often than not there are better alternatives to put your equity to work for you.

That’s why we offer Equity Transition Planning.


Equity = Money= FREEDOM

Equity is money. Your money. 

The point of money, as Scott explains in his book, is the ability to create freedom in your life.

To do what you want, when you want to, with whom you want to do it, wherever you choose to do it.

The key is to use your equity in the best way possible, that maximizes the benefits it can provide. Here are a few examples of how you can use your home equity:

Whether or not this is the right move for you depends on many factors, one of which is your new mortgage.

Equity Transition Planning allows us the opportunity to ask the right questions, with our professional mortgage experience, to advise you on how to best leverage your equity to work for you in the best way.